How System Work

Learn more about BitsTrades LTD and how the whole system works.

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Register Account

It will take just few minutes for
registration process.

Create Contract

Simply select your invest amount and
create a contract.

Provide Payment Address

Set receiving Bitcoin address for
easy payout process.

Dashboard Analysis

Check your daily profit, analyze it
and increase it.

Schedule Profit Withdraw

Purchase more trading contracts &
increase your daily profit ratio.

Get Paid

Now, you are all set up and
ready to get payout.

Create Invest Amount

BitsTrades offers various investment plans that earns you up to 450% yearly of your investments. To get started, just create purchase order and make a payment.

Once you initiate the deposit to our system, The BitsTrades system will automatically consider your account in action. Your daily growth are calculated according to your investments.

BitsTrades Trading Starts

After receiving your amount, Our expert analyst will place Index trade of your invested amount. It is being maintained in our BitsTrades centralized core (BTC-C) System. (where everything is balanced including order management, gold & stock share of total investment, regular payout, daily growth and more).

It is our responsibility to manage & configure this system. Meanwhile, our clients account would be credited daily growth depending on their investment.

Payment & Withdrawal

Every client account is connected with our fully automated withdrawal system. As soon as your account reach withdrawal amount, it will be executed automatically by our (BTC-C) System.

Our advanced email system will send you an email on-the-go as soon as you receive any notifications (for new referrals, withdrawal, profit credit, commission, account change notification) in your BitsTrades account.

Start your trading profit today

We’ll start your trading profit today.

Simply start your first contract with us in just few minutes.

Start Today!

  • Easy to start, within few minutes.
  • Contract Starts From $10.
  • Upto 450% ROI on Our Contract.
  • Own BTC-C Core System.
  • Daily Automatic Payout.
  • Avoid The Trading Risk.
  • Customer Protection & Security.
  • 24/7 Support.