Bitcoin Centralized Core System

BTC-C System with highly encrypted SSL & latest technologies and high-end servers.

BTC-C System is an automated platform that we have developed in order to manage orders, balance gold and stock share of total investment, pay-outs, daily growth, and everything else we do. BTC-C System is highly encrypted and no one without specialized hardware can access it, making your funds safer than anywhere else. The system runs non-stop, constantly looking for new trading opportunities. When a good opportunity comes up, our experts start trading. They book a profit and manage all transaction through this platform, and after a successful trade, profit is shared to the investor – you – via Bitcoin. And while we’re making sure that this system runs smoothly, your account gets credited with daily growth, and you can collect your ever-growing profit. Pay-out and withdrawal are also automated and secure thanks to the BTC-C System.

BTC-C System platform with highly encrypted SSL as well as using latest technologies and high-end servers, which runs 24x7 online to find new trading opportunities. Customers’ funds are held in our own centralized system (BTC-C - Bitcoin Centralized Core), where no-one has an access to the system without having a specialized hardware.

Every client account is connected with BitsTrades fully automated withdrawal cycle. As soon as an account reaches set limit, withdrawal is executed automatically by the BitsTrades BTC-C software.

All Trades are managed by centralized (BTC-C - Bitcoin Centralized Core) system.

In short we can say “BTC-C is fully automated trading system for centralized money transfer that done by BitsTrades”

How It work

  • All Money stored in this high level SSL secured storage.
  • When our BitsTrades expert founds an opportunity to trade, They manages a transaction through BTC-C Core and book a profit.
  • After successful trade, profit will be shared to investors via Bitcoin.