BitstradesCoin ICO

A revolution in digital banking system

Bitstrades Coin is a digital currency that habituates
the cryptocurrency technology into creating perceptible investments,
interests and transactions liberal of any government in the world.
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How it works?

  • Purchase Contract

    Select your desire amount you want to invest in BitsTrades.

  • Trading By Our Experts

    Our trading expert makes trade & secure profit from index trading.

  • Scheduled Profit Withdraw

    Withdraw your profits regularly. Once your account meet withdrawal requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Working Globally

We are working globally and it is our key criteria to give maximum benefits to our users.


10 years of vast experience in index trading helps you quickly judge our brand & reputation.


An active & highly skilled professional staff remains active 24x7 to maintain our trades.

Trading Expert

Intelligent team of financial advisers are always ensures optimum results for each trades.

Who We Are?

BitsTrades is a platform designed to change the way we trade finance. We are a team of dedicated professionals and expert analysts who have the knowledge and power to turn your every investment into secure profit. Ever since the founding ten years ago, we’ve worked hard to improve BitsTrades, and our company has kept developing and improving over the years. Today, we are proud to offer our services globally via our online platform.

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Our history

For a smart and safe way to invest your money,
you can trust BitsTrades.

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